the next best thing.

Go through it to get to it. Love yourself first. Be comfortable enough for people to talk about you and never really be speaking on you.

They think they know, but they have no idea!!! I'm always on purpose.

Be you tiful. My body is art. My mind is creative. My heart is beating outside of my chest.

Grew up in the hood. It's in me, not on me.

Stay as far away as possible, I'm just a young kid tryna make it. Hustle gang, Seattle born, worldwide traveler. If I love you, I love you.

Power Couples rock nd roll, I'm about to get me a King and make passionate love to his soul. We be ALLL life, in looveeeee lol

Peace, love and chicken wings 😋

Anonymous: Who do you answer your questions so sarcastically? You never take anyone seriously


How am I supposed to answer “I want to lick your asshole” seriously

Wanted to be a nudist

2. April 2014

But I only wanna be nude for one person soooooo…….

I still want a nude drawing of myself. I’m going to have my moms friend do it for me. Or maybe I can find an artist on my road trip to the south

Idk.. I need to get my willow tree tattoo too

And sell my iPhone and get a laptop and get a razor or something android

Keep grindin keep shinin

I have found my love and I know what’s good.

"Took me a while, but I’m finally here. so I just wanna testify, make it Chrystal clear."

Hella long post about a bunch of dreams, write it down and watch it happen..

I wanted to be a nudist.