peace b still

ima be broke and happy forever


The right one will have you feeling unstoppable…

Yessireeeeee bob.


"Even if you could love her right… Like even if you could be the reason she smiled, or the consistency she needed, or the support she was missing… The most her fears would ever allow you to be is “too good to be true”… Because to her, the memory of that pain is more important than opportunities and possibilities… She’s taken chances before and she just doesn’t have the time to see if you’re different… Because even if you’re incredible, she’ll only see your flaws… And even if you’re genuine; She’ll only see your mistakes… It’s easier to complain than it is to change, so no matter how great you are; It’s just a lot simpler to be scared than it is to step up… And she’s comfortable… she’s having fun… Her friends told her she has time, there’s no rush to find the one… She’s living, she’s not trying to waste time dealing with feelings… So even if you’re what she needs… She’s just not ready for the work right now… And like it or not, that’s just what you have to deal with when you’re dealing with a heart that you didn’t break… So if you aren’t patient and prepared for the long ride, just quit while you’re ahead… Because all she trusts is the game… And by the time you climb that wall, she’ll have already moved her heart behind a taller one…"

Can we replace all the feminine pronouns with masculine? Cause…. yeah, I feel as though men feel this way as well

This my “I forgot what I was going to say” pose… I’m killin it right? 😏



I’m lackin on somethings. Gotta step life up a couple notches


Rock solid